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Although these habits and behaviors might probably be met with mockery now, such traditions are indicative of the kind of conservative attitude Filipinos have towards dating and romance.

It behooves those seeking for a Filipino love affair to understand the Filipinos' penchant for karaoke.

This page features all the dating sites available to people looking to meet a Filipino (or Filipina) friend or lover.

Ever since Ferdinand Magellan set foot on this tropical island, its inhabitants have exhibited traits which, up until the present day, are still mostly evident - unwavering hospitality, patriotic pride, and strong religious faith.

This would probably ring more true if Filipinos were more distinctive-looking than their Oriental counterparts.

As it happens, the Philippines is populated with a mixture of various ethnicities which makes it slightly difficult to tell them and their neighboring Southeast Asians apart.

That is the sort of laid-back imagery often associated with the Philippines and it is perfectly understandable.

Suitors are expected to get on their knees and go through hoops before getting the approval of the woman and, most importantly, of her family.

Aside from these characteristics, Filipinos are also often perceived as passionate, perhaps as a result of being a colony of Spain for 333 years.

This passionate nature, often observed in Latinos, extends to family, relationships and life in general.

In decades past, dating involved grand gestures such as performing an acoustic serenade in front of a woman's house to whom a guy is infatuated.

This performance aims to show the suitor's sincerity and, although unwittingly, the willingness to display a flair for the dramatic, all in the service of professing undying love.

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